My 2019 Truth.

This is a harsh reality of my business and my life in 2019.

This is a little bit of a longer post, but stick with me and everything will come together and you’ll get a real insight as to who the girl behind ClassFit really is.‚Äč

My name’s Ellie. Let’s begin.

There is a side of me which thrives on vulnerability.

As Brené Brown says,

“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.‚ÄĚ‚Äč

So last night, I worked up the courage and strength to send some long overdue messages to a few clients.

‚ÄčLet me be clear.

2019 was a total ūüí©‚Äč show for me.

I entered it while at a wedding in a small town outside of Chicago.

This wedding was the third of ten I will have attended between November 2018 and December 2019.

I made less than $25K the entire year and I spent well over 25% of my time traveling at the expense of my ever-so-quickly accruing credit card (this means¬†‚Äčevery three to four days‚Äč‚Äč I did not sleep in my own bed)‚Äč to celebrate loved ones in so many ways (weddings, engagements, babies, graduations…I discovered last year that quality time is one of my love languages).

My husband and I, despite our strong foundation, had many shaky days. I was not grounded in any particular place, always on the move. So not ideal to build a business this way, all by myself.

Not surprisingly, I was unable to keep a hold on my professional life and my social life and everything just seemed like a big whirlwind all year.

All year, my business suffered because of it and my clients’ progress began to suffer because of it. 

‚ÄčSo on one side, when it comes to being vulnerable in person, I’m a pro.

I love holding space for others – it’s the therapist in me.

I can be honest and frank and dig deep to get the same from others.

 But online?!

It’s a whole other animal trying to connect with others online.

And I did not realize this as I began investing so much of what I had (a credit card…lol) into this business.

See, as a consumer, you may just view me as a random online coach who sends you emails every now and then, and whose social media account was pretty dead in 2019 (if you even figured out ‚Äčthat much‚Äč).

A handful of unsubscribes here, a few phone call hang ups there, some backlash on some of my advertisements because I was never a teacher myself…


So, I got really scared.

I associated marketing my business (message/vision/mission) with this scam to get people to buy in to something, which a lot of marketing can feel like.

This thought debilitated me as I had these replaying stories in my head saying, “I’m not good at marketing,” and “I don’t have the best product out there ‚Äčyet.”

‚ÄčSelf-doubt filled me up like a balloon in 2019, despite my attempts to stay level-headed and use affirmations.

 This was not helped in anyway whatsoever by my overwhelming amount of traveling last year and utter inconsistency in any sort of routine…which is a HUGE component I preach inside of ClassFit.

I felt incapable of coaching my clients the way I knew I could, because it was almost impossible for me to be consistent and lead by example at the time.

So…what does this mean?


So I sent an apology to one of my clients. She responded really sweetly. We are getting her back on track.

This is where it all wraps up, and how it applies to your life as a teacher.

‚ÄčI shared this with you for several reasons.

Besides owning up to being more vulnerable moving forward…

First of all, I know what it’s like to care about and¬†feel responsible for others’ success. It’s what’s driving me still to help more teachers, despite HOW HARD IT IS SOMETIMES.

Secondly, so¬†much of my lack of progress in¬†2019 can be attributed to¬†the¬†false story in my head that basically said I wasn’t good enough. So now, I¬†simply¬†remember this: if I am¬†afraid of being rejected at all and I¬†choose not to do something because of it, then I am¬†actually rejecting myself¬†first. I don’t want to reject myself at all! So what this taught me is always get out of your head and take action.

Third of all, not leading by example is damn near impossible without feeling guilty and responsible for others’ lack of progress. If you are in a leadership or role model position (psst, you are), then you must lead by example! I’ve owned up to it with my clients and it’s time to help them crush it moving forward, because I’m going to crush it myself moving forward.

And lastly, and what really brings all of the above together is this…

If you are a teacher, you have a significant role in your student’s lives. But if you are constantly tired and stressed out, are you providing the best example?

If you want to begin taking control of your health so you can feel better and be an even better role model, please begin your first month of coaching with me, on me. Just shoot me your name and email on this page and once it’s confirmed, I’ll set up your account for you to begin next Monday. Easy peasy.

I look forward to working with you.


Thank you for taking a moment to read my rant.

I hope you are as pumped as I am to crush 2020.

Drop me a line below!

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